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Adapt to risks that matter, while reducing real spend!
  • Seamlessly transform your risk playbook to address today's challenges & climate.
  • Personalized inspirations, tips & strategies to combat fatigue proactively.
  • Easily mix-in your current learning & CME efforts with Adaptrack's timely nudges.
  • Aggregate a new dimension of insights to better understand & underwrite risks.
  • Unlock an 8x+ ROI from impactful Category 1 CME & medical liability insurance savings.
  • Additional Adaptrack benefits: Micro CME, custom nudges & liability insurance savings.
  • More Olive Helps Loops on the way: specialty risks, behavioral insights & more.
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“I’m extremely excited to announce our newest platform: Olive Helps. This platform works hand-in-hand with human workers, using cybernetics to provide real-time intelligence while they're handling their most critical tasks. We know that Olive Helps increases efficiency, reduces errors, and ultimately increases the ROI of our human workforce.”
- Sean Lane (CEO of Olive)
“Olive Helps is an industry first platform allowing developers to immediately launch their products on a secure, scalable and enterprise ready platform without worrying about the complexities of interoperability and application overload. With a focus on human design and appreciation for complex workflows, we have built healthcare's first Sidekick to supercharge the human workforce while delivering the best care possible!”
- Rohan D’Souza (GM of Olive Helps)
“Olive Helps fill a crucial gap in the healthcare industry for a digital sidekick - one that enables healthcare workers to lighten their workload by delivering real-time intelligence to give them superhuman powers. The key to the success of Olive's new platform is pooling the intelligence and innovation of the healthcare industry through strategic partnerships!

With Olive Helps, everyone wins - our hospitals and health systems significantly improve workplace efficiencies and patient safety, our loop developers expedite go-to-market engagement opportunity, and Olive gets to build the internet of healthcare alongside the movers and shakers of the healthcare industry we partner with!"
- Mike Biselli (VP of Partnerships)