Did you know?
DRAW awareness TO hidden risks & GAPS

Did you know?

Over 80% of patients have confirmed that they would switch providers if they are dissatisfied.
Over 50% of providers are sued during their professional careers.
Over 40% of providers report signs of burnout.
Over 30% of providers spend 20 hours or more each week on administrative tasks.

Your time, energy and money is at risk; your reputation is on the line!

Work with us to lower these liabilities & related costs through an experience your practice team will love!

Lower liability costs & earn CME in the flow of your practice
  • 30s nudges. Works in any browser. No app downloads.
  • On the road? Tired of your screens? Use hands-free.
  • Collaborate on blindspots with peers & mentors.
  • Joyful inspirations from brands, leaders & family.
  • Bring-your-own-Data: EHR, reviews & more.
  • Easy CME Credits from day-to-day workflows.

Quick, relevant & hands-free nudges.

*Talk to us about strategically reducing provider engagement & professional liability spend while lowering costly risks! We help you drive an ROI of 5x or more with Adaptrack.

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Track, learn and earn CME & savings from your practice data - your schedule, reviews & more.

Smart Learning

Learn and reflect from short easy-to-read snippets. CME from your risk-related learning!

Real Rewards

Learn ways to reduce risks of burnout, malpractice and more. Unlock real savings from your spend.

Quick and Secure

Easy to use - designed for the busy provider - use 100% hands-free. No installs & no data sold.

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To help physicians + their teams work + live better.

Providing patient care while meeting the constant requirements of non-clinical tasks can be overwhelming.

This produces blindspots throughout the day that leave your practice exposed and vulnerable to burnout and malpractice risks.

Our AI-powered practice-savvy digital sidekick helps physicians and their practice teams navigate, learn and adapt to clinical, administrative and personal risks.

Built for practice leaders to intelligently nudge habits that matter. Designed for busy providers to learn and adapt in a simple, nonintrusive and rewarding way!

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